ChristianBThe mission of Christian Brigades is to empower under served communities for sustainable healthcare and spiritual growth through medical, spiritual, public health and orphanage brigades. Our ultimate goal is to be a blessing to the local communities but also provide our volunteers with a life changing experience that will empower them to serve their local churches and local communities with greater passion. We also hope that thru this experience volunteers can gain a love for missions and one day serve as a long-term missionary.

Christian Brigades is composed of students, health professionals, and church members who love to share their blessings with others. Each year a group 60 volunteers travel to remote villages to share the love of Christ through medicine, education and spiritual empowerment. 80% of the team consists of Apostolic church leaders and young people from around the U.S looking to share their God given gifts with communities in need.

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      UPDATE on Honduras: October 2015


It is a great honor to come before you and announce a historical accomplishment for the Apostolic Assembly.

The Department of Social Assistance and Christian Brigades are proud to announce the completion of the Antonio Castañeda Nava Medical Clinic in Honduras, Central America.

In 2009, Minister Ismael Montoya and sister Sarahi Montoya had the vision to begin a humanitarian organization that would work together for the benefit of our church. Through a partnership, we combined forces to build a ministry that creates missionaries through humanitarian projects. The AC Nava Medical Clinic represents sustainability and long-term presence of the Apostolic Assembly in this region. We want to appreciate the President, General Board, Bishops and churches that participated in the culmination of this project.

With your support, these projects can continue growing and flourishing within our church and the name of the Lord can continue to be exalted.


IMG_7186UPDATE on Honduras:
Christian Brigades was able to accomplish extraordinary results in Honduras during the past orphanage brigade in July. Our team of 55 volunteers were able to provide educational care and build bonds of friendships with the children of “La Esperanza” orphanage. Each volunteer developed long-lasting friendships by bonding and caring for these amazing children. Regardless of the volunteers age and background, IMG_7203Christian Brigades focused on building volunteer missionaries to assist children and families in marginalized communities without the access to healthcare and education.

IMG_7998IMG_7299Our volunteers prepared themselves to give educational lessons on health education, fitness and wellness, and innovative arts and sciences. Volunteers used their educational experiences to bring forth these lessons with different mechanisms according to the age groups and gender of their classes. Each child was able to bond with the volunteers and throughout the entire week of the brigade, every volunteer got to experience the mission field at its finest.

We want to encourage everyone to participate with Christian Brigades in their mission trips as they begin new adventures in Honduras, Brazil and Zambia.